New additions to our store. Introducing our new super-slim, super-light and super-comfy sunglasses for everyone!

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We may not have been able to update our eyewear collection as frequent as we would like to but we relentlessly source for good design eyewear that can fill the gaps of what is lacking here in Singapore. In November 2014, we managed to bring in a new collection that fits into what we have been looking for. Super-slim, super-light and super-comfy sunglasses that can literally fit anyone (you have to try them out yourself). Not only that, the lenses used are mirrored, polarised and 100% UVA-B block! Jam packed with features but it will go light on your pockets!

Latest additions to OLLO's collection of eyewear

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What began 2 years ago as an idea to bring online eyewear to Singapore would have not been possible without YOUR support. Thirteen months back, we started our pop up store and that has been one of the key motivational factors for us to continue our goals we have set! Why do we say so? As much as a webstore is a great and easier way to sell something without the need of a physical space, we do find solace in interacting with individuals from all walks of life. We shall call this group of individuals we met a "special" community. This community drives us continuingly to bring in great eyewear in a fun manner. 


We are excited to announce our new Venezia collection for the year and hope that you like them!





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“Everyone is in love with their own ideas.” – Carl Jung


Many years of online shopping have prompted us with the idea of having a web-store concept to bring in eyewear that is unique and fun. Finally our eyewear concept has taken its form, making it a reality in 2014!

Back track to 2013, we finally achieved our goal of having the first collaboration with ALO, an eyewear company in Korea, to bring in collections that we really like. And in September, we started our pop up store with reputable flea organisers to showcase our eyewear. 
We found ourselves loving what we do and together we are continually sourcing for chic eyewear that best represent us as The Eyewear Purveyor. 
And YES! We are still in love with our own ideas!
To commemorate the ideas that have taken shape, we will be having a limited offer period on our CHE collection that is characterised by bold and stylish designs representing fun and celebration!
Dream Big and Celebrate!
Raymond & Debbie


OLLO's own webshop!

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Ollo! (A way for us to say hello.)

We are proud to be the only authorised dealer to carry a range of eyewear products from ALO, Korea. We are also the only "online mobile eyewear" where you could browse our collection via our webshop at the comfort of your home and even on the go.

Our webshop is compatible across all computer and mobile devices (Apple and Android), so shopping and browsing are made easy and simple. 

So how does "mobile" comes in? We definitely do not sell phones here! We understand that most of us need to try our eyewear to ensure it fits well. Hence we would participate in pop ups at least once a month so you could try them.

Have a great festive season ahead and happy shopping!

Here at Ollo, we would like to wish everyone a great 2014!



Raymond & Debbie