ALO Brand Story

The Birth Of ALO

The birth of ALO began from very small question. "Billions of people in this world wear spectacles but why are the eyewear shops always so boring and serious?" We couldn't find any place that could satisfy us.


We were always wondering. "What kinds of spectacles frames suit me? What will look more trendy. What's the difference between metal frames and plastic frames or others? What kind of lens should I choose considering my own eyesight and lifestyle? What is a reasonable price for a pair of glasses?" and so on.



Eyewear SPA

Meanwhile, we began taking an interest in SPA (Specialty Label Apparel) brands in the fashion industry. We found that the secret to success of popular SPA brands which are currently leading world fashion industry is fully understanding the lifestyles of the younger generations who want to live a free, individual, yet very practical life.


"ALO" soon noticed the potential power of eyewear as a fashion item in current trends. At the same time, we started to listen to the voices of those who have a thirst for "enjoyable" eyewear.


Because ALO was born from those ideas and questions, our slogans always have been, "passion for fashion and style", "persistence in design and quality", "strong aversion to vanity and inefficiency" and "full comprehension of trends".


We will always remember these ideas to provide our customers with spectacles of higher value.


  • ALO is world's first Eyewear SPA brand that continuously presents value to customers.
  • ALO is always setting new standards of lifestyle through eyewear.



ALO With Artists

ALO is collaborating with gifted artists to present special visions to the world through their originality and creativity.


ALO shops in Korea designed by hot artists



Setting New Standard In Eyewear Industry

What is "Eyewear SPA (Specialty retailer of Private label Apparel)"? ALO introduced a concept of SPA to eyewear industr at first in the world. It means we do everything related to eyewear like, product plan, design, production, distribution and even running retail shop with ALO brand. By doing in this way, we can avoid costly distribution structure, and also can catch and reflect customers' needs into our products rapidly and precisely. ALO's innovative system enables customers to meet ALO's products more easily at the right price.